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Vegetarian food contains fewer calories

Eat more fruits. After a while you notice an improvement in health. Try to avoid the appearance of excess weight and eating is not very high-calorie food. People eating plant foods rarely suffer from constipation, obesity and disorders of internal organs.

Wanting to get rid of excess weight, many women refuse from eating meat, as it contains a lot of calories. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Vegetarian food contains fewer calories, fat and salt. That's why you have the opportunity to wholly, becoming a vegetarian, get rid of obesity. As a result, reducing calorie intake, fat metabolism and normalize the body's defenses are activated. People are less likely to suffer a variety of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and aging more slowly.

How correctly to choose foods that provide the body with the nutrients? You need to know the following:

•        Leguminous plants should complement cereals, rice, pasta, flour, corn, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, nuts, which are rich in proteins.
•        Grains are best combined with beans, peas, soy, cheese, milk, eggs.
•        Beets, cucumbers, parsley, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce well with cereals, nuts, corn, rice, eggs.
•        Rice and corn is better to use in combination with green peas, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Doctors made a disappointing conclusion, comparing the nature of food and health status of people. Excessive consumption of fatty foods, low coarse fiber foods in the diet, low in vitamins A, C, E, alcohol, smoked and pickled foods contribute to the development of cancer.