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Suffering from narcolepsy

I suffer from narcolepsy. I am able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime

I guess we all know the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty who slept and slept and slept ... long hundred years. Fat Loss Factor eBook

 Then came the prince kiss her awake and they lived happily ever after. But what if one of your closest suffers from narcolepsy - asleep in the middle of a word or work, and not do much with it? If you say this is quite dangerous, you're right.

I suffer from narcolepsy.  I am able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime More photos in the gallery

Sadie - modern Beauty

Sadie Jones, a mother of three from Devon, England, suffers from narcolepsy, and so strong that no treatment is able to sleep at a rock concert next speaker. In short sleep.

"I fell asleep several times during cooking, God forbid slicing, and I woke up to the smell of burnt food. I had to leave and my profession - who would like to stylist, fell asleep during it, when it will be cut? "Asks sadly Sadie.

After breaking up with the father of her three children, she was afraid that she will fall in love in life and establish a full-fledged relationship, because of his illness. Home Workout Generator

After all, who would like to have a relationship with someone who falls asleep without warning...?

Diagnosis: Narcolepsy After twenty years of futile fighting (and least sometimes unpleasant examination) doctors told her ruthless diagnosis of narcolepsy. Sadie paradoxically relieved because they found that what's bothering her has a name and more - we can fight it using pills.