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Effects of starvation are gastritis

"Effects of starvation are gastritis, ulcers, gallstones and kidney. After it necessarily decreases immunity and increases the risk of catching an infection, "- says Michael Ginsburg.

Lack of information - There are diets that, despite their popularity, not well understood. For example, the new-fangled "colored" diets do not pass any serious scientific research. Not studied their effects on metabolism and overall health. Girls who find them on the Web, and "appoint" themselves, are entirely at your own risk. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Absurdity - There are diets that and does directly contradict common sense. For example, candy, wine, chocolate. Any normal person they seem ridiculous, but nevertheless are a lot of followers.

You urgently need to stop if:

•    If you feel unwell diet - weakness, chilliness. At later stages, comes dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss. These are serious symptoms of beriberi or mineral deficiencies, such as iron.

•    Your mood and behavior changes for the worse, it becomes difficult to solve basic problems, even remember the
multiplication table, or have fits of irritability and aggression, disturbed sleep. The explanation is very simple condition - starving brain. FLF Weight Tracker

•    An abnormal craving for some specific products - perhaps so the body will alert you about the lack of some vitamins or minerals.

In all these cases, an urgent needs to stop the diet and analyze the causes of such symptoms. Neglect them in any case cannot, because they - a direct threat to health.