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Surgical treatment: preferably constitutes laparoscopy

Surgical treatment:  preferably constitutes laparoscopy or, in certain cases, the conventional surgery that opens the abdomen like a Caesarean.

This intervention should be done by an experienced professional, even if the patient does not have kids and want to have them.

Surgical techniques for the preservation of the anatomy of the reproductive organs are very specific and often arise new strategies to prevent these organs, especially the ovaries, suffer irreversible damage that could impair reproductive capacity of the patient. Fat Loss Factor eBook

Radical surgery with removal of the ovaries may be indicated in severe cases, when the woman already has children and is close to menopause.

In cases of suspected deep and severe endometriosis with intestinal loop blocking the pelvis, a professional specialist in general surgery (female genital septum straight-organ) is required.

Medical treatment:  clinical treatments should be given after laparoscopy and should be viewed in addition to surgery already performed. The drugs are designed to suppress the body's hormones.

The most common are birth control pills, progesterone analogs and lately hormonal implants.

The most used are similar, because they lead to intense hormonal suppression.

The patient did not menstruate and leads to the onset of menopause symptoms identical, so it is considered by many as more efficient. Home Workout Generator

The implants are hormonal contraceptives that prevent bleeding and, due to its efficiency and the minimum number of side effects have been used in women who do not wish to have children. The use of clinical treatment as a therapeutic supplement is not compulsory and will depend on each case and the doctor who is treating the patient.