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During flu bet on mushrooms

First lay with your knees bent slightly apart and 2 seconds, download pelvic muscles and again for 2 seconds, release. Repeat 10 times. Gradually lengthening contractions for up to 10 seconds.

Second the toilet alternately for 5 seconds and then we start holding back urine.

During flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice during flu bet on mushrooms, garlic and elderberry juice. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Crystal harmonizes the entire area of the lower abdomen

Crystal has an amazing ability to clean and stimulating energy. His healing power can also be used for incontinence and indeed in all gynecological problems.

Crystal vaginal exercises

We sit on the floor cross-legged in such a way that the spine was straight. Legs fold so that the heel of one foot touches the clitoris. Do you put vagina cleaned crystal the size of a walnut (you can also use rose quartz).

Regularly breathing while pulling down vaginal and anal sphincter

This exercise is performed 3 sets of 10 contractions. Then you lie down, cover with a half hour relaxes. Finally, pull the stone out of the vagina and clean. Dr. Charles Livingston

TIP: If you are not completely flexible, so we can exercise performed lying down with knees bent or sitting in a chair.

Dry stone

Stones need regular cleaning; there can be done in several ways: