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Sounds and smells

When a foreigner with us trying to communicate with an imperfect, broken version of our language, we have the impression that this foreigner is not very intelligent but the reality is very different. "

Sounds and smells - Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

"Animals have different kinds of intelligence that are submitted by our fixation on language and technology under appreciated by us.

This shall include their social and kinesthetic intelligence. Some animals, such as gibbons, to a large number of varied sounds produce more than twenty different sounds with distinct meanings these primates enable cross communicate through the forest around.

Many quadrupeds leave behind complex odors in their environment. People, with their limited sense of smell, cannot even conceive of the complexity of the messages that smells."

Who wants to see how smart animals really are, with their own eyes: you do not far from home. Our own pets demonstrate their intelligence too often. "They can communicate their demands and to do that they want. Done our stuff The animal is much more complex than we think. "

Throw Skill made us who we are today - Dr. Charles Livingston

Throwing a ball or a javelin cast: monkeys can it bad, but we humans are running our hands for. A new study shows how we have developed that skill and demonstrates that the skill has played a crucial role in our evolution.