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Woman on the billboard is in your eyes an object

Both men and women see women as objects for advertisements. Sexy men see them as real people.

According to a Belgian study whose results are in the journal Psychological Science published. There has been considerable research on the effects that people see when objects have. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

"What is unclear is whether people on a basic level really see sexy women or sexy men as objects," explains researcher Philippe Bernard out. And scientists have now investigated.


Our brains see people and objects in different ways. Thus, for our example, it is quite difficult to identify on the basis of any part of a face.

While we are often very easy to adjust to what the object is. On the basis of a part of an object another example: when people get a picture of a man presented to the head, they often have difficulty recognizing the person depicted. An object that is displayed on the head, however, recognize them immediately.


Empathetic men ... women make you happy ?

On the upside, the researchers used the latter as a basis for their experiment. Dr. Charles Livingston

They showed people pictures of sexy men and women see in underwear. Such photos you see sometimes in magazines or on billboards along the way. Some photos were shown to the subjects on the head.