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What to do in asthma attack

What to do in asthma attack

If someone gets an asthma attack, you recognize that the following matters: turn blue dispend beeping sound what should you do? Have the patient sit up. Make sure that the patient is exhaling. How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

Provide rest around the patient. Ask short questions, which can be yes or no answer. Ask if the patient has a first asthma attack has. If so, call a physician. If the patient has had seizures before, make sure he or she is taking medication.
Not help the medicine warning than a doctor immediately.

The causes of breathlessness

Poor condition or lung disease?

Suddenly, out of breath after a bike ride or climbing stairs? Shortness of breath can be the result of a poor condition or problems with the lungs. What can we do?

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How common is it?

That's hard to say, because one breath is not the other. Shortness of breath can be the result of a poor condition or obesity. But it can also be an expression of serious lung problems such as asthma. There suffering in Netherlands 500,000 people. FLF Weight Tracker

Further, it may be a result of COPD (chronic bronchitis and emphysema), to which there are 350,000 people laden Durmast another 300,000 people who have a high risk of developing COPD, but who do not know this. Shortness of breath can also be a result of heart failure, a condition which affects an estimated 160,000 people suffer.